The Genix are the founding race of the Genix Coalition. Possessing great intelligence, they are far superior in their technology and are natural mechanics.


The Genix look almost amphibian with their webbed hands and feet and their bluish-green skin. They have two eyes which almost seem to glow from within. The Genix, in general, are not the strongest of races sometimes appearing abnormally thin compared to a human. They are, on average, slightly shorter than the average human and make up for their physical impairment with intelligence.


The Genix follow a path that is that of a pure scientist. They explore, record, analyze, and try to understand the galaxy as a whole. Essentially, science is a religion to the Genix Coalition. They are generally friendly, not attacking unless attacked first but fight savagely.

Government/Social StructureEdit

The Genix used to have extraordinary difficulty dealing with similar issues that plagued late 20th to early 21st century Earth – poverty, disease, war, world hunger – and eventually decided that it would be best to devote certain departments on their planet to help solve specific issues. The government of the Genix is divided up into different departments, each dealing with a specific part of the Coalition (an alliance department, trade departments, research departments, etc.) with a central building combining all of these together into the whole of the Coalition. The entire complex is located on their homeworld of Genixxa.


While the Genix may seem peaceful and are so, they have a surprisingly well-built fighting force. Their fleet is aided by their above average intelligence which is put forth into their military fleet strategically. Often times a Genix battlegroup will be seen with many smaller fighters surrounding usually two to three, sometimes four, much larger vessels. In other words, a fairly typical yet strategically logical battle setup. Their intelligence is also put forth towards their weaponry. A single Genix fighter possesses impressive firepower.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Genix are telepathic and empathic and posess the ability to absorb large amounts of information in minutes, sometimes seconds. The Genix have a reputation for multitasking.

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