Dna strand

The Coalition's emblem.


The Coalition was once in total disrepair. Poverty and disease racked the surface of the planet. A small group of Genix, who named themselves "The Gen Council" formed together to try to solve the problems the planet had been facing. They realized that the planet wasn't the problem, as it was popularly believed in that time, but the people living on it. They dictated to the people of Genixxa their ideas and one by one they gained the support of her citizens. Disease was wiped off the face of the planet eventually, but the poverty only sank deeper. The Council tried and tried to find the answer as to why this kept advancing. So they decided to seperate and form specific departments to deal with certain specific issues while the rest of the Council operated these departments from a central hub: the original headquarters. They were astonised to discover that poverty, too, vanished within an astonishing 16 years. The Coalition was formed within 51 years of the end of poverty and made the great leap into space 10 years after that.

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