The planet of Rin is a small blue planet drifting in the system of Hades. Its warm climates allow great rain forests to plague the planet; only large plains are available for successful building near the poles of the planet. The small civilization that has grown here is fairly ‘Earth’ like. The people strive for power, economically and military. So as you would expect, wars are common on this planet, many nations have traded hands over the land.

The Great WarEdit

However, during the years of 2273-2280 a great war to unite the planet was won. A difficult time emerged after the war, with famine and poverty extremely prevalent, and the people of Rin were devolving from their great, modern civilizations. However, the government of the world of Rin declared itself a federation, and allowed small provinces to be ruled by small governments, as long as the supreme government had over-all power.


And so over the course of fifteen years, the planet was back on track, improving technologies and developing the planet further. The Federation of Rin was able to contact outside societies that resided across galaxies, and began their first steps into space exploration. The Genix Coalition, a small alliance that emerged around the same time the federation was able to contact other peoples, had heavy influence due to the radio wave trajectory. Constantly their signals were being intercepted by the federation’s government, and they decided to contact the Genix Coalition, the leading influence of the Coalition. In the year 3004 the federation of Rin was allotted into the Coalition, and was declared Closest Ally to the Genix government. And it is at this time the federation of Rin reached an era of prosperity that would later be known as the ‘Era of Kail’ named after the leader of the armies who united Rin under one banner.

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